Bond 07 by Selima Featured in this months Invision Magazine

Selima Optique @ 2020-12-13 20:41:00 -0500

Read more about Selima's Bond 07 by Selima NYC  NoHo boutique chosen by INVISION MAG to be one of "Americas Finest"

“Entering Bond 07, a customer can be in little doubt that the eyewear selection is going to be part of a broader fashion experience, though Salaun acknowledges that most of the store’s clients are already, in her words, “eyewear fanatics” who are looking for a new, unique pair of frames. “When working with customers,” she says, “you start to develop a psychological understanding of their character and personality. It almost turns you into a therapist in some ways, as you grow closer with them and they start to feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts. This is a very important and valuable characteristic of developing strong relationships that last beyond the store itself.”

- Heath Burslem, INVISION March 2019 Issue

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